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  • How soon can a space be used after electrostatic disinfection?
    The disinfectant used by Richardson Sanitech requires a dwell time of 8 minutes. Therfore, we maintain a 10 minute post-disinfection waiting period before bystanders can re-enter.
  • Can I be present during electrostatic disinfection services?
    Although our disinfectant is gentle enough to wash your hands with, we recommend tha bystanders vacate the service area during these services and that all air units and fans be shut off until the space is reoccupied.
  • How long does the disinfection last?
    The service lasts throughout the chemical dwell time and as long as the space is not reinfected with bacteria and/or viruses. If you think a space becomes reinfected, then we recommend follow-up electrostatic service. t
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