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Protect against the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring frequently touched surfaces are disinfected properly and regularly

  • Initial assessment of your space to ensure the best spraying pattern for maximum coverage and minimal waste.

  • Place the appropriate warning signs indicating that disinfection is in progress

  • Power up electrostatic back-pack sprayer

  • Using electrostatic spraying, high-touch surfaces are homogeneously coated in Health Canada approved disinfectant.

  • Wiping is not required to ensure surface disinfection; however, we may choose to wipe specific surfaces 

  • 10-minutes after the treatment is complete, customers and staff are able to return.

  • Clients participating in our silver and gold packages will receive a window  decal to show their employees and customers that professional disinfection is taking place regularly 

Electrostatic Disinfection Demonstration 

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